Deep Hidden Secrets Behind The Hijacking Of Flight 93

In between all the theories and the tragic quagmire, the roll of events encircling the United Airlines Flight 93 was the only one that didn’t match the pieces together and seems a bit off. The saying and the stories about the heroic passengers and the crew fighting their way back to the hijackers and thereby making the plane crash in a rural field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania seem like a bit of a myth rather than

Conspiracy Theories Behind 9/11

The terrorist attack on America that was administered on September 11, 2001, is marked as a black day in the American History. It was not at all a simple attack resulting in casualties. It was a well-planned homicide and murder which left the entirety of America shaken and in trauma. The attack was administered in three phases and it has been very well reported about the unusual happenings encircling the attacks leading to some conspiracy

Flight 93, A Reflection Of The Real Life Event Of Hijacking

Every person boards a flight with a destination to reach, while some go off to places to enjoy a vacation, others go out for work. Nobody thinks about any kind of possible mishaps and that was exactly what the passengers of those four American Airlines had in mind, but the date of 9/11 proved out to be a curse for them, a curse that took away so many innocent lives just in the name of

Movies That Take Us To Live In The Moments Of Fear Of 9/11

While every person all over the globe mourned over the tragic attack on the World Trade Centre, the Pentagon and the crash in Pennsylvania, the film makers took to their hands to portray the tragic event with their own spin of the entire world. Each and every film that has been made concerning to the 9/11 attacks are something that has been very critical administered and made sure never to disrespect any of the happenings