October 17, 2016

About The PAge

Hi, 9/11 was a tragic event in the history of United States and is the sort of event whose culprits are still unidentified! Not only the whole world trade center was destroyed in these attacks but also there was an irreplaceable loss of human life; it killed roughly 3000 people and double these were injured while the total infrastructural lost was 3 trillion dollars. These attacks are more evidently portrayed in documentaries and movies nowadays though documentaries were produced right after the loss and it also is a fact that no human can seriously hope create the huge abjection of the double towers.


I was not an eye witness of the event for sure, but literally my mind was also stuck when looking at the videos of collapsing towers. It really was a huge blow to both; economy of the country as well as to human life. Just watched a trailer of the movie that was filmed on the tragic loss of 9/11 attacks and the bravery of people who either saved the lives of others or gave away their lives to save the lives of others; I felt to some extent history has expressed its loss. Not only were these moments heart breaking but also a clear dedication to the heroes of that day. Motion pictures can be heaps of things: they can be fun and foamy details, intended to give us a chance to get away from our dull lives for a few hours in a dim theater; they can be sudden stunning exhibition blockbusters, extending our constrained world into a universe where anything is conceivable; they can be loathsomeness demonstrates intended to goose our primitive battle or-flight senses with moderate building strain and sudden discharge; and, taking care of business, they can be cathartic encounters that help us grasp the weightiest issues of our times. And for people like me, they grieve over the events by watching movies because they are influenced by movies. Thus, to write about the movies that are related to this event was not at all a tough choice for me.
Readers will find a lot of movies that were developed for the same cathartic encounter. The listings that will help you choose a good one for the day and pay tribute to the loss of humans on that day. I will be adding reviews and synopsis of these movies to help the readers benefit even more from the listings. For example, ‘World Trade Center’, ‘September 11’, ‘Remember Me’, ‘Twin Towers’, ‘United 93’, ’Fahrenheit 9/11’, ‘Clover Field’, ‘Into The Fire’, ‘Tiger Cruise’, ‘New York’, and many other movies like these and true unbiased reviews on them; maybe you have watched these but a revival of the same feelings and sentiments for a tragedy like that is nothing to be afraid of. In other words, if you want to find and look out any of the movies that has its storyline dependent on 9/11 then this site is going to provide you with that. Stay tuned for more.