Flight 93 Shows The Mishap Fallen On America

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Mishaps and Accidents are some of the words that not a single person wants to think about when they are travelling some place. The dark day of September 11, 2001, made the world witness one of the deadliest terrorist attacks and the ghastly aftermath on America. One of the busiest buildings of the world, the World Trade Centre was blown off with crashing two of the American Aircraft right through the middle of them. One of the other of the four hijacked planes was crashed to the western side of the Pentagon which is located just on the outskirts of the Washington D.C. Last but not the least the United Airlines Flight 93 was the one that “crashed” mysteriously because the evidence regarding the crash definitely don’t resemble a normal crash.
• A little bit of the mystery:
People and citizens who saw the videos and the aftermath of the crash of the hijacked aircraft clearly had their doubts when it came to signify the authenticity of the “crash” of the United Airlines flight 93. Each one of the hijacked planes left behind a massive and disastrous effect on the American cities and the ongoing life, but the fourth aircraft and the crash relating to it are the one that intrigues everyone’s mind.
Some of the witnesses in proximity to the crashing point on the rural fields in Pennsylvania stated that they never saw the wreckage following the crash. Many eye witnesses claim to have not seen a single human body remnant on the site after the crash happened. The United Airlines Flight 93 which was loaded with jet fuel produced no traces of contamination when the forensics tested the crash site. Reports and eye witnesses if still are to be believed, it definitely looks like the fate of the Flight 93 is still a mystery and the “crash” and the debris that was left behind on the spot of the possible wreckage are planted.
• Effects on the United States:
The entire act of terrorism not only left American shaken and terrified but the entire world was shaken up with the act. While every person out there thought America as one of the highest powers, the day of 9/11 left all the residents and the citizens baffled and in a state of shock. Some lost their family, someone lost their employee and the country lost a number of their citizens who didn’t even think that the day would become their worst nightmare.
While no fixation was every probable after the implanted attacks, several hours of negotiations were conducted between the hijackers and the officials and the authorities but all in vain. More than 3000 innocent people have to give up their life just to face the outcome of rage and building anger in the minds of the terrorists. America was never the same place following the attacks and the citizens had to take a lot of time to return to normalcy, given the fact that there was no certainty of their lives following the attacks.

Hi, 9/11 was a tragic event in the history of United States and is the sort of event whose culprits are still unidentified! Not only the whole world trade center was destroyed in these attacks but also there was an irreplaceable loss of human life

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