List Of Movies That Showed The Real Truth Behind 9/11

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Every person living on this planet today is aware of the tragic terrorist attack on America that took place on September 11, 2001, and left the entire history shaken. The coordinated attacks on the World Trade Centre and then to the western side of the Pentagon and finally the crash in Pennsylvania left back a dark imprint in the American history. While no one wants to ever re-live that tragic day, movie directors and producers took to their hands to portray the day in their own interpretation, keeping the tragic events into account and also maintaining the respect for the lost lives.
The movies which brought back the memories:
There have been several interpretations of the day by the film makers and that too in several languages and each and every single of them is sure to leave behind Goosebumps and tear tracks at the very end of the movie.
Some of the most popular ones are:

• World Trade Centre (2006):
World Trade Centre is a tragic disaster drama movie that was directed by Oliver Stone and stars Nicholas Cage, Maria Bello and Michael Pena in the pivotal roles. The entire movie is based off on the terror attacks of 9/11, specifically the attacks on the World Trade Centre. The movie released on August 09, 2006 and had a running time of 129 minutes. The movie mainly focuses on two of the police officers who get entrapped under the rubble of the World Trade Centre. The movie was a definitive hit in the box office.
• 11’09’’01 September 11:
As unusual as the title suggests, the movie was the collaboration between 11 different movie directors from different countries all across the globe. This film was made with different point of views put together. Each of the directors gave their own version to the attacks on the 9/11 and the entirety of all the clippings was put together to make this film. This was a short film of just 11 minutes, 9 seconds from each of the 11 directors as a tribute to the date of the attack. The movie was released worldwide with different titles based off on the language of the country.
• Remember me (2010):
Remember me is a spin-off of the 9/11 attacks with a romantic theme to the movie. The movie was directed by Allen Coulter and stars Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin in the pivotal characters. The movie ran for 108 minutes and was highly appraised in the box office. The movie focuses on the relationships that got burnt away with the crash of 9/11.
• Twin Towers (2003):
Twin Towers is a short film that was directed by Bill Guttentag and Robert David Port and stars Tommy Buda in the lead character. The movie brought out the essence of the tragic happening of the 9/11 attacks in which two of the main characters, a fire-fighter and a policeman are remembered for their contributions and sacrifices to cope the devious attacks on the World Trade Centre.

Hi, 9/11 was a tragic event in the history of United States and is the sort of event whose culprits are still unidentified! Not only the whole world trade center was destroyed in these attacks but also there was an irreplaceable loss of human life

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