Movies That Take Us To Live In The Moments Of Fear Of 9/11

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While every person all over the globe mourned over the tragic attack on the World Trade Centre, the Pentagon and the crash in Pennsylvania, the film makers took to their hands to portray the tragic event with their own spin of the entire world. Each and every film that has been made concerning to the 9/11 attacks are something that has been very critical administered and made sure never to disrespect any of the happenings of the tragic day that America witnessed.
Some of the few:
The list of movies that have been all over the world interpreting the attacks has been long going and still extending. While some of the movies are the most iconic ones, there are some which are not that popular but are sure to make you feel the pain that every single innocent life had to surpass in that tragic day.
Some of them are:
• United 93 (2006):
This 2006 movie directed by Paul Greengrass has been one of the few, probably the only one which solely focuses on the happenings on the United Airlines Flight 93 which holds several unsolved mysteries and conspiracy theories. The movie stars David Alan Basche, Olivia Thirlby, Liza Colon-Zayas and J.J Thompson in the lead roles. The movie is a real time interpretation of the stories about the heroic passengerswho fought back the hijackers leading to the crash in Pennsylvania. The movie runs for 111 minutes and has been very well accredited for the storyline and direction.
• Cloverfield (2008):
Every movie is set to focus on the attacks and how they were implemented. There are very few movies which show the aftermath of the entire happening. The movie, Cloverfield, directed by Matt Reeves focuses on the journey of a group of friends, played by Mike Vogel, Jessica Lucas, Lizzy Caplan and T.J Miller, to rescue the people still alive on the streets of New York after the havoc disaster. The movie runs for 85 minutes.
• New York (2009):
New York is a Bollywood film directed by Kabir Khan and starring John Abraham, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Katrina Kaif as the lead characters is about three friends and how the terror attacks of 9/11 in New York change the course of their friendship and how it affects it all. The movie runs for 153 minutes and was released on 2009, which has also gotten several positive feedbacks from the box office.
• Flight 93 (2006):
Flight 93 is yet another interpretation of the heroism of the passengers and the crew on-board of the United Airlines Flight 93 and how they gave up their lives in order to fail the hijacker’s mission. The movie was directed by Peter Markle and stars Jeffrey Nordling, Brennan Elliot, Kendall Cross and Ty Olsson in the lead roles. The movie ran for 89 minutes and received a wide proclamation from the viewers since it was a TV movie.

Hi, 9/11 was a tragic event in the history of United States and is the sort of event whose culprits are still unidentified! Not only the whole world trade center was destroyed in these attacks but also there was an irreplaceable loss of human life

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