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Everyone is more or less familiar with the concept of plane hijacks and involved terrorism, but the passengers, and the crew of four of the American Aircrafts had to face their worst nightmare on September 11, 2001. The citizens of the country are very well aware of the happenings including the crashed to the World Trade Centre. The crash to the west side of the Pentagon in Washington D.C because those three aircraft clearly had the word “crash” proven right in front of people’s eyes, but the fourth and the last aircraft, the United Airlines Flight 93 was the one whoscreamed mystery and conspiracies woven to it due to the reports and the eye witnesses.
Here’s what happened on that tragic day:
The coordinated hijack of the first of the three flights which included two American Airlines’ flights and one United Airlines’ flight, was successfully administered with the crash to the World Trade Centre and then to the Pentagon. However, the Flight 93 faced consequences that still to this day remain as a hazy memory.
• The flight 93 was delayed from its usual take off time by 45 minutes which was the first blow to the plans of the hijackers who were safely inside the aircraft, ready for the correct moment to put their plan into action.
• At around 9:28 am, the four terrorists who were priorly inside the aircraft took control over the cockpit and announced to the crew and passengers that the flight had been hijacked. They then steered the plane to the southeast direction of the Washington D.C. the crew and the passengers tried their absolute best to get hold of the authorities to make them aware of the on-board situation.
• While the passengers could have stepped back and agreed to the orders of the hijackers, they did the exact opposite, not thinking about their lives but their country’s and the other innocent citizens.
• In less than 30 minutes after their united decision to fight back, they carved out a plan of action and quickly put it to work. The passengers and the crew attacked the cockpit to get back the control from the hands of the hijackers and all the struggles, the screams and the cries could be heard through the cockpit voice recorder.

• Final moments before the “crash,” the plane turned upside down and was rushing down to the rural fields of Pennsylvania at a speed of around 580 miles per hour where the crash occurred at 10:03 am, resulting in loss of innocent lives on board along with marking the heroism of those people.
The crash of the aircraft still to this day remains a constant mystery because the eye witnesses who were present in the proximity of the crash said that they never witnessed one, which is a very strange happenstance. Even with all the tragic happenings, the day of the crash is dedicated each year to celebrate the unity and the strong will of the passengers and the crew who fought back in an extraordinary way.

Hi, 9/11 was a tragic event in the history of United States and is the sort of event whose culprits are still unidentified! Not only the whole world trade center was destroyed in these attacks but also there was an irreplaceable loss of human life

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